Home Studio Best Practices: Monitoring, Speaker Selection & Headphones

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In part two of this new three-part series, Justin Colletti of Sonic Scoop sits down multi-platinum-selling engineer Bob Mallory to outline some best practices for monitoring in the home studio, including speaker selection and placement, plus headphones for mixing, tracking and more.

Check out part one on improving your home studio through DIY acoustic treatment and stay tuned form part three on home studio mic lockers and mic techniques.

  • Russell Szabados

    I really like A5Xs too. Avantones/Auratones are going to be my next studio purchase, I decided that after hanging with some old school engineers awhile back. Great info here, thanks Justin!

  • Eric Davenport

    step 1. get whatever monitors your going to use (I use KRK 10’s or 8’s)
    setp2. send the dimensions of your room to :Auralex Acoustic,for your FREE. room Analysis. even if you don’t buy anything for them at lest you will know where to put what you make.
    step 3. is the most important one. BUY A ARK from IK Multimedia this to tune your mixing area so your mixes will play back the same everywhere the same.
    learn about “HOW TO MIX WITH PINK NOISE”
    and you WILL have the best PRO mixes you have ever heard!