Studio Tour: Oktaven Audio in Mount Vernon, NY

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Consoles: A Studer 903 (36 channel) mixing console was originally installed at the Metropolitan Opera House as its main broadcast board. A clean and reliable console well-suited to Oktaven’s clientle.

Instruments: In addition to theHamburg Steinway D, Oktaven houses a beautiful New York Steinway D on long-term loan, as well as a small library of acoustic and electric guitars and basses, a variety of classic tube amps, an early ‘60s Ludwig drum kit, an assortment of stomp boxes, and various other goodies.

Secret Weapons: I’ve personally built a number of tube mics that get used daily including M49, U47, and C12 clones.

Outboard/Hardware/Tape: Studer A800 MKIII 24-track 2” machine with 24 channels of Dolby SR.  An Ampex 351 1/4” stereo deck is currently being restored.

Michael Duncan is a record producer, engineer, and writer who lives in NYC.


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