London Event: Miloco Gear Pro Audio Showcase – November 16

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Miloco has a good thing going. The company books 90+ studios in its native UK and worldwide, so they’ve seen a thing or three when it comes to talent, technique and gear.

That makes Miloco Gear the optimal host for their first ever Pro Audio Showcase open day. Happening Thursday, November 16 at Orinoco Complex, their Bermondsey HQ. Attendees will get a rare chance to see the inside of an elite London studio complex during a day of product showcases, educational workshops and gear shootouts.

It’s gonna feel good at Miloco’s first Pro Audio Showcase, Thursday November 16th.

The event is free of charge, but attendees need to RSVP here.

Audient and Focusrite RedNet will host an exclusive educational workshop in The Bridge from 11am to 4pm, demonstrating several setups that offer the ultimate in value, versatility and sound quality for a studio, institution or facility.

From 5pm onwards there will be numerous product showcases from many leading UK manufacturers and distributors accompanied by complementary drinks and snacks. Exhibiting on the day will be API, Augspurger, Audient, Focusrite, Dramastic, DPA, Manley, Sony, RME, Lauten, Trinnov, Soyuz, PMC and Townsend Labs.

The Augspurger Treo 812 will see its European debut.

The event also will host the European launch of the Augspurger Treo 812 monitors. The company’s MD, Dave Malekpour, will be on hand to explain why its speakers are the choice of luminaries such as Dave Pensado, Wisseloord Studios, Rafa Sardina and Rik Simpson. PMC will also be unveiling its Result 6 nearfield monitors for the first time in the UK and there will also be a very special UK debut from Sony.

There will also be unique product shootouts between classic and new microphones and compressors to find out how modern counterparts compare to vintage models. Attendees on the night also have the chance to win a day’s recording and mixing in Miloco’s Red Room and Livingston 2 studios.

To RSVP visit here. The event is open to attendees over 18 only.

Full Itinerary
11am-4pm Audient and Focusrite RedNet workshop
5pm Drinks and canapés
6pm Introducing the PMC Result 6
6.30pm Mic shoot out 1 – new brands on the block – Lauten vs Soyuz vs Sontronics
7pm Introducing the Sony C100 (TBC)
7.30pm Classic Buss Compressor shoot out – API vs Manley vs Dramastic
8pm Introducing the Augpsurger Treo 812
8.30pm Sony C800 shoot out


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