New Gear Alert: Sly-Fi Subscriptions via Kush, Apogee Ambeo Smart Headset, BAE 2-Channel DI & More

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Sly-Fi subscriptions available through Kush, coming January 2018.

During the month of January, Kush subscribers will get FREE access to Sly-Fi’s entire plugin line, plus ongoing discounted rates for new members.

During January only, anyone signed up with Kush subscriptions gets Sly-Fi’s Total Access bundle for free, for the life of their Kush subscription.

Subscribers gain instant access to every new Kush plugin the day it’s released, and by signing up now, you can lock in today’s price for the life of your subscription. New subscribers can also save over 15% with an annual subscription.

Gobbler subscribers will get specific instructions during the first week of January. iLok 2 or 3 required.

Monthly plans are available for $9.99; annual plans for $99.99.


Apogee and Sennheiser join forces for the Ambeo Smart Headset.

In partnership with Sennheiser, Apogee announces the Ambeo Smart Headset, an immersive mobile 3D audio recording solution for iOS.

The Ambeo Smart Headset is the first binaural recording headset for iOS. It features 3D audio recording capabilities, high fidelity sound, and the ability to tune in or out as much ambient noise as you’d like. Perfect for capturing and sharing holiday memories, the Ambeo Smart Headset connects directly to your iPhone or iPad and lets you create videos with fascinating, life-like 3D sound.

Check out a video demo of the Ambeo Smart Headset here.

The Ambeo Smart Headset is available now for $299.95.


BAE Audio announces the PDIS stereo DI is now available.

BAE’s popular PDI direct box is now available in stereo configuration via the PDIS.

Back in October, we covered the announcement of BAE’s new PDIS stereo DI box. It is now available through select dealers.

The PDIS is based upon the single channel PDI. Like the mono PDI, the PDIS uses an OEP/Carnhill transformer to imbue any signal passed through it with a satisfying warmth and analog richness.

The PDIS features Neutrik connectors, including quarter-inch inputs and low-impedance XLR outputs for each channel on one side. It also includes a pair of through outputs for each channel on the reverse side. Dual ground lift switches help navigate any noise issues caused by grounding. Additionally, the unit can function as two independent separate instrument DI channels and handle two mono instruments if needed.

Like all BAE Audio products, the PDIS is hand-wired in California and features 100% through-hole components for maximum signal integrity. Recessed switches and connectors combined with a rugged steel chassis help it stand up against the wear and tear of daily studio or stage use.

The PDIS is now shipping, and retails for $200.


Audio-Technica is now shipping the ATDM-0604 Digital SmartMixer.

Audio-Technica offers a new solution for mixing multiple microphone and media feeds with the ATDM-0604 Digital SmartMixer.

Featuring intuitive use, superior echo-canceling and flexible web remote functionality, the ATDM-0604 is a six-channel automatic mixer ideal for meetings, conferences, soft codec applications, courtroom proceedings, radio and TV broadcasts, and other applications involving the use of multiple microphones or other media inputs.

The mixer is equipped with four balanced microphone inputs, two balanced mic/line inputs and one unbalanced stereo input, along with two balanced and two unbalanced outputs. Network (Cat5e or better) and USB ports are also included, as are A/B Audio-Technica Link ports that let users connect six ATDM-0604 mixers via Cat5e cable for simultaneous use within an expanded setup.

The ATDM-0604 Digital SmartMixer is now available for $899.


RME presents ADI-2 DAC DA Converter for studio and HiFi enthusiasts.

Experience superior digital to analog conversion with the new ultra high-resolution ADI-2 DAC by RME.

Using the latest 32 bit/768 kHz reference converter, RME SteadyClock technology for excellent jitter suppression, and a powerful DSP processor, the ADI-2 DAC offers zero-compromise conversion and playback of digital signals into the analog world.

The DA converter features two high-performance headphone outputs, including a dedicated in-ear connection. The ADI-2 DAC is a further development of the renowned ADI-2 Pro AD/DA reference converter. Its input options include a coaxial SPDIF connection, an optical SPDIF/ADAT connection and a USB2 port. After DA-conversion, the analog signals are available at the stereo XLR and stereo RCA outputs, or at the TRS standard and mini jack outputs of the headphone amp.

The ADI-2 DAC will be available in January 2018 for €999.



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