New Gear Alert: WA73 Family by Warm Audio, Silent Monitoring with Ollo Audio, Sculptube Saturation by Overloud & More

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Warm Audio announces the WA73 family, featuring the WA273-EQ 2 channel British mic preamp & EQ.

The revered 1073 tone is now more attainable than ever via Warm Audio’s WA73 family, featuring several mic preamp and EQ configurations suitable for various budgets.

The Warm Audio WA73 family provides single and dual channel re-creations of the classic British preamp (with & without EQ), that each pay careful and humble homage to the original circuit.

The WA273-EQ equally shines on all types of microphones and sources, including vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, bass, drums, percussion, orchestras, keyboards, and even as a tone shaping tool to run partial or complete mixes through. With 80dB of gain, a fully discrete Carnhill Transformer balanced signal path, and versatile 3 band inductor EQ, there’s no recording, mixing or engineering task the WA273-EQ can’t handle.

The entire WA73 family line is authentically hand wired and hand assembled, including the PCB components that are all populated by hand.

The WA73 family will be available late January 2018, with the WA273-EQ priced at $1,499. The WA73-EQ single channel mic preamp & EQ will be available for $799, the WA273 2 channel mic preamp will be available for $999, and the WA73 single channel mic preamp for $599.


Ollo Audio announces the PLAY2ME alternative monitoring system.

Take a new and totally silent approach to monitoring with Ollo Audio’s PLAY2ME system.

PLAY2ME is a full audio monitoring system alternative to the traditional studio setup. It features a pair of studio-grade reference headphones, the BSE Body Sound Experience silent subwoofer (which is only activated when listening at 75dB or louder), and a dedicated amplifier for the silent subwoofer pillow.

You can sign up for free testing on Ollo Audio’s website; they will send samples out and collect opinions, experience, and advice (limited spots available).

PLAY2ME is available to purchase now for €497.


Overloud releases Sculptube, the latest addition to the “Gems” series of effects plugins.

Gain access to authentic tube saturation and colorful harmonics with ease via Overloud’s Sculptube.

Sculptube is a versatile tool dedicated to adding valve-produced harmonics to sounds. Warm up tracks with analog coloration, create tube distortion, and excite your sound by adding natural tube harmonics.

By adjusting the drive and bias of the tubes, Sculptube recreates authentic analog tones so you can control the amount of distortion to fit your sound. And with three different tube configurations, Sculptube allows you to get the warm, rich analog sound your tracks need.

Overloud Sculptube is available now at an introductory price of €89.00 (35% off normal MSRP). For a free demo, click here.


Dialog Audio advances MP3244 synchronization and modulation plugin with V2.0 update.

Dialog Audio offers unique and comprehensive integration of various types of synths into your DAW with their MP3244 plugin, now upgraded to version 2.0.

The modular structure of MP3244 allows users to precisely tailor modulation signals to specific hardware setups. This gives owners of those setups the freedom to flawlessly integrate their classic or modular synths into their DAW environment with all the convenience of tempo and host synchronization that is now expected from plugins. MP3244 can also be used to modulate software synthesizers and audio plugins directly within a DAW to provide extended modulation possibilities.

Notable updates to V2.0 include (but are not limited to) the addition of AU and AU MIDI FX support, a new X-FADER module which allows users to mix and fade between two signals, a LFO ratio option added for custom rate control, the ability to save and load presets from directly within MP3244, and much more.

MP3244 can be purchased and downloaded directly from Dialog Audio for $49 here.