2 Mics, 1 Skateboard: Lauten Audio Records a Minimalist Music Video All Over Montreal

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Today, Lauten Audio has launched a music video with the artist Stephano Petrocca called “Foundation (On a Broken Dream)“.

The lead vocal for “Foundation” was recorded in the hollowed-out remains of a once great recording studio.

It showcases the power of minimalist music recording, and offers up a story of rebirth after a struggle—something of an allegory for the music industry of today.

The production team, led by directors Stephan Ritch and Simon Côté, started with a solo demo track as their foundation, written and performed by Petrocca. They chose the haunting remnants of the famous Le Studio in Morin Heights to record his vocal takes.

Le Studio was once a great, world-class space where The Bee Gees, Cat Stevens, Keith Richard, David Bowie, and so many more had sung in its prime.

In this video, you can see that legendary space in the hollowed-out form it took in more recent years, going from greatness to ruin over the decades. (This turned out to be the very last song ever recoded there, as the abandoned space was subsequently burned by arsonists not long after the shoot.)

“We had an idea to make a video showing how easy recording audio can be,” Côté wrote to us in an email describing the process. “An SPL Crimson interface with built-in microphone preamplifiers. A couple of very affordable Lauten Audio Black Series microphones. A laptop and some cable, and hit record!”

“From there, each layer of the track was recorded in different parts of Montreal. Guitar in one living room and brass in another. Guest star Steve Hill joins us from the couch. The backing vocals were recorded on Stephan’s sun porch. You really can record great music anywhere!”

To finish the project, Lauten enlisted Darrell Thorp [Foo Fighters, Radiohead] to do the mixing.

“With the right Foundation,” says Côté, “you can make anything possible.”

You can check out the video premiere down below. To help celebrate the release, Lauten Audio has partnered with SonicScoop to give away the mobile recording package used in this video to one lucky winner! (A $1,200 value, yours free. Just click here to enter to win. Open to residents of North America only.)

  • Gary

    What an amazing recording and video! It is a shame that a studio such as that, went down without a fight.