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As of July 16, 2012

SONICSEARCH TERMS OF USE (“SonicSearch,” “We,” “Us”) which is owned and operated by SonicScoop Media Inc. dba SonicSearch provides this website and all site related services (collectively, “the site”) subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Terms of Read more...

2011 AES Tech Highlights

2011 AES Tech Highlights

NEW YORK CITY: As SonicScoop editor David Weiss states in his Op-Ed story this week, the 2011 AES convention was less about innovation and more about survival. At least on the surface.

Between the most troubled economy since the Great Depression and allegations of fiduciary mismanagement by the AES’ Read more...

Indaba Presents: “Surrender To The Flow” By Jesse Lauter

By Jesse Lauter

I just had the most wonderful experience recording a band. They’re called Diamond Doves. We did a few tracks together for their Myspace/demo…

You might know Diamond Doves as Elvis Perkins’ band “in Dearland.” These guys have been around the bend, touring the country with everyone from Read more...

Indaba Music Presents: Music In Advertising

By Rick Goetz

I met Bill Meadows (the subject in the interview below) when working for a music house trying to get their music placed in film and TV.  Placement is very difficult but Bill offers up some great insight.

Bill Meadows

Bill Meadows is the Executive Integrated Producer

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