3 Chances to WIN a Kaotica Eyeball Mic Treatment System!!

Kaotica is a brand that has looked beyond the traditional methods of acoustically controlling the space where you record. The focus of their one-of-a-kind Eyeball ($200 value) is to enhance the two most important elements in the vocal recording process: Capturing the pure tonality of your voice and the nuance of the microphone recording it.

Think of the Eyeball as a studio booth alternative that fits right over your microphone, sets up in seconds, and instantly transforms any space into a recording studio. Simply press on the Eyeball above and let it acoustically treat your space.

For the last century, musicians and recordists have been accustomed to purchasing panels, diffusers, base traps, blankets and maybe some egg crates.

But whether you rent or own, you don’t necessarily want to be putting holes in the walls, and even if you do, it may not enhance the acoustics, unless you have specialized knowledge and put in a lot of work. Kaotica firmly believes that you shouldn’t have to think too much about the room you’re recording in, and  instead, you should concentrate on your performance.

Now, Kaotica is teaming up with SonicScoop to give away not one but three of these ingenious little devices that were designed to bring you a new standard in audio quality for any space.

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Contest ends October 21, 2017

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