Turnplay for iPad Launches – Classic Turntable Functionality for Digital Music

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Face it: converting your iTunes library to vinyl isn’t going to be easy – this is going to be the next best thing.

To everything turn turn turn…even your iTunes library.

We speak of Turnplay, a $.99 (for now) app that brings the sound and feel of a vinyl record to digital music files. If you’re ready to get your hands on your virtual music with an extremely high level of realism, then read on for all the details from the app’s maker, Ramotion:

“Turnplay is the most realistic vinyl turntable for iPad. The app, available now in the App Store, allows users to take control of their music with a full reproduction of all of the main turntable functions, combined with realistic design and style, bringing the turntable into the 21st century.

Turnplay gives full control of the music to the user, without having to spend money on expensive, and sometimes hard to find, equipment. The app can take any songs available in a users’ iTunes library and instantly create a virtual vinyl record of the song, so that they can slow down and speed up playback, control the record and perform any action as if using a real high-end turntable. Turnplay is perfect for music fans from professional DJs to casual listeners.

Turnplay is available in the App Store for a limited time for 99 cents. Shortly after launch, the price of Turnplay will go to the normal price of $1.99.

Created by some of the best visual designers in the mobile industry, Turnplay recreates a real turntable on the iPad. No other turntable app provides the level of design and realistic physics found on Turnplay. Turnplay supports the Retina Display and can be used on either iPad or iPad Mini. Users of Turnplay can play their ‘virtual records’ at either 33 RPM or 45 RPM.”

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