Review: Bongiovi’s Digital Power Station Plug-in Optimizes Mac Sound

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I recently had the chance to check out the Digital Power Station iTunes plug-in from Bongiovi Acoustics. It claimed to “dramatically enhance the sound of any Mac computer, as well as its connected speakers, headphones and other auxiliary accessories.”

Upon first glance I thought there was NO WAY this small, simple plug-in was going to improve my listening experience through the built-in speakers of my Macbook Pro. After a fast download, and basic setting changes to adjust it to your particular sound setup (which the program walks you through), the DPS plug-in was up and running.

I must say, I was shocked. The sound quality of the DPS-processed audio from my iTunes was drastically improved. Not only was there some mild amplification, but the quality of the resulting sound was hands-down better than before the DPS did its thing. The bass was fuller, and the treble and mid-range were far crisper and easier to distinguish than the sound I was accustomed to from my computer’s built-in speakers.

Bongiovi Acoustics' Digital Power Station plug-in interface

Bongiovi Acoustics' Digital Power Station plug-in interface

The user interface is amazingly simple and consists of six basic buttons: one large button to activate and deactivate the processor, and three smaller buttons to toggle between the on-board speaker, headphone, and external speaker audio settings, and two buttons to switch between music and movie audio. I plugged in my studio headphones and after a single click of a button to switch settings, I was equally impressed with the resulting sound!

This plug-in is going to make a world of difference in those situations when on the road, or away from the studio, and working on a remix or reviewing a track before emailing it to a client. Really, in any situation that requires more critical listening on your laptop, this plug-in provides a distinct enhancement. The DPS plug-in also compensates for volume differences song-to-song.

The low cost ($29.99), simple interface and friendly walk-through makes the DPS an easy decision for any Mac/iTunes user (sorry PC users, according to Bongiovi, your plug-in not yet released, but is soon to come).

This is a great plug-in for any iTunes user that truly appreciates music. From the professional to the average listener, the improvements in audio quality make the DSP iTunes plug-in a “sound” investment.

Bongiovi_Plugin_ThumbBongiovi Acoustics is the brainchild of engineer/producer Tony Bongiovi (Jimi Hendrix, Bon Jovi, Talking Heads, The Ramones), who designed and built the legendary Power Station Studios.

With a team of engineers and sound designers, Bongiovi has developed and patented a technology — Digital Power Station — that can enhance the sound of any consumer electronics device. For more information on where this technology is being integrated, visit:

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