Mellowmuse SATV Vintage Saturator Reviewed By Zach McNees

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I discovered this the hard way very quickly and have made the same mistake a couple more times since. Perhaps an “Undo” button would be helpful or at least a fair warning the first time that selecting group will change your settings.

Second is the design of the phase switch. This switch defaults to pointing to the ø symbol and can be switched to the “on” position. This confused me — I find myself taking an extra second every time I come back to visit an SATV plug-in in my session to wonder if it is in fact phase flipped.  Of course, I realize that engaging it to the “on” side will flip the phase of the signal but I think a clearly labeled “ø in” and “ø out” switch or a single “Phase” push button would do the trick without leaving any room for user doubt.

Also on my wish list for future updates is that there be several instances of group mode available via an A/B/C/D selector switch or comparable.  I found that while group mode was extremely helpful across my drums, these same settings did not translate as well into other tracks in my session like bass, guitars, and vocals.  It would be amazing to be able to utilize this same feature 3 or 4 times within a given mix.

IN CONCLUSION: Overall, SATV is a welcomed addition to my plug-in list and has very quickly become a staple of almost every mix I’ve worked on since having it. Considering the price, I’d have to say SATV ranks #1 on my list of the most valuable plug-ins for sound and features vs. price. Well done, Mellowmuse!

Zach McNees is a Brooklyn-based producer/engineer/mixer and live recordist who’s worked with Bjork, Rob Thomas, The Gregory Brothers, Pixies, Liars and Alice Cooper. Get in touch with Zach via

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    cool mate- just downloaded the demo, thanks for the quality review, looking forward to seeing what this thing can do