FUSE presents SoundCtrl’s “FlashFWD 20II” in Association with Internet Week – Coveted Music Industry Awards

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NYC-based SoundCtrl, a collective group of business innovators who are accelerating change in the music industry, will host FlashFWD 20II this Wednesday, June 8, 7 PM at the Grammery Theatre.

Honor thy (music) maker.

SoundCtrl regularly identifies emerging trends in the music and technology space, as it looks to define new business models and forge profitable collaborations. The organization’s FlashFWD brainchild, put on in association with Internet Week New York, is an invite-only award ceremony that focuses on amplifying and honoring four music:tech companies and one innovator that are making a significant impact in shaping the new music business.

Following the awards ceremony, tickets are available to the general public to experience the performers for the night, starting at 10:30 PM. Artists appearing are Ryan Leslie, Pusha T and Break Science.  To purchase tickets for the performance, click here.

During New York’s Social Media Week, in February 2011, the public was invited to nominate and vote on individuals, groups and organizations for these awards. All of the winners are creating meaningful impacts and results on the future of music through the innovative application of online and/or mobile technology. They are:

Criteria: Applications that allow consumers to discover and share their daily music experience on the go and across multiple platforms.

Live Integration Award: CREATOR’S PROJECT
Criteria: A company or individual that is creating and utilizing technologies that enrich and enhance the live music experience through audience, artist and industry collaboration.

Artist Integration Award: SOUNDCLOUD
Criteria: Collaborative platforms which provide new ways for artists to create and share their music with a global audience of consumers.

SoundWave Award: TROY CARTER
Criteria: An individual who has a proven track record in advancing the interests and achievements of their own artists, the companies they work for and the industry at large.

Search & Discovery: ECHO NEST
Criteria: The technology tool and/or platform, which enables consumers to easily find music they want and to discover and connect with new artists/music genres.

FlashFWD 20II is put on by SoundCTRL and its sponsors and partners: Fuse TV, PepsiCo, Eventbrite, .Music, and IMVU

Full Coordinates:
FlashFWD 20II
When: Wednesday, 8th June, 7pm-11:30pm
Where: Gramercy Theatre, 127 East 23rd Street


7:00pm – VIP Red Carpet Reception
8:15pm – Awards Ceremony
9:30pm – Cocktail Reception
10:30pm – Live Performances from Ryan Leslie, Pusha T. and Break Science.

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