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Gather ‘Round! The Input\Output podcast series, hosted by GRAMMY-winning engineer/mixer Geoff Sanoff (Green Day, Fountains of Wayne, The Secret Machines) and top mixer/producer Eli Janney (GVSB, The Obits, Motion City Soundtrack), officially debuts. Recorded at NYC’s Stratosphere Sound, I\O launches with this essential installment, hosting all-world record producer/engineer/mixer Chris Shaw.

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A highly accomplished and hard-working studio maven, Shaw’s diverse credits include Bob Dylan, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, Weezer, Cheap Trick and Lou Reed. Listen and learn along to the frank and lively conversation, as Shaw reveals the details of breaking into the industry, priceless producing/engineering/mixing/audio knowledge from inside the studio, up-close recording experiences with the legendary Dylan, and downright shocking stories straight from the control room.

Chris Shaw

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Input/Output Podcast: Chris Shaw by SonicScoop

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    this is a great interview.  thanks!