Review: Mellowmuse CS1V Channel Warmer

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IN CONCLUSION: CS1V has become one of a few go-to plug-ins in my arsenal for any style of music I mix. It helps soften the sharp edges created in the DAW world of limitless frequency bandwidth while simultaneously adding character and depth to tracks.

CS1V is all the great features we miss from tape machines without adding the harsh or artifact-like qualities present in other tape saturation plug-ins. It’s incredibly easy to use and light on CPU usage, which is always a plus. One side-note: besides having a “Class-A sound,” Mellowmuse has amazing customer service. The company’s founder and chief programmer Gary Newby is dedicated to refining and updating his plug-ins to suit the needs and suggestions of his customer base. And all this at a price point of $59!

Click for more information on CS1V and to download a trial version.

Zach McNees is a Brooklyn-based producer/engineer/mixer and live recordist who’s worked with Bjork, Rob Thomas, Julia Nunes, The Gregory Brothers, Pixies, Liars and Alice Cooper. Get in touch with Zach via


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  • TryAx

    slate vcc has had group feature from the beginning

  • Actually you are correct!  And nothing against the VCC, It’s definitely pretty cool.