Power Sessions: Chris Lord-Alge – Part I “NYC Roots”

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Chris Lord-Alge is one of the biggest, baddest names in mixing.

Chris Lord-Alge in Avatar, Studio A

His discography is like a field trip through decades of musical history – from James Brown to Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks to Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Snow Patrol to, most recently, Shinedown and Daughtry.

Beyond the sheer number of albums CLA has mixed, what may be most staggering in looking through his body of work is his clear talent for making music really hit.

Hit, as in have impact, and hit as in have a tremendous amount of commercial success. While it seems like an elusive skill, so much of how he does it is quite tangible and real.

In our very first “Power Sessions” video interview, CLA opens up about his process, his choice gear and time-tested, hit-certified techniques in conversation with NYC artist/audio engineer Erica Glyn. The interview takes place in Avatar Studio G, at CLA’s choice SSL 4000G+ mixing console, and the legendary Studio A, which – in reference to Bob Clearmountain – CLA considers “the ground zero of mixing.”

In Part 1 (see below), CLA takes us back to his NYC roots. Check it out! The rest of the interview will roll out over the coming weeks, so be sure to check back in!

For more, check out another recent Q&A article with CLA at AudioFanzine – and the just-launched Waves CLA Song Competition. And follow Erica Glyn on Facebook and Twitter.

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    is looking forward to this

  • Robert

    Great work, Erica!

  • Richfab

    CLA is the Man.. I love Damone’s “Up all night” record..

  • Jantelis

    awesome! thanks Janice, David! ya’ll rock!