Power Sessions: Chris Lord-Alge – Part 6 “How To Make It As A Mixer”

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The sixth in a multi-part interview series. Click to watch Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Parts 4 and 5 of Power Sessions: Chris Lord-Alge.

In the final installment of “Power Sessions”, Chris Lord-Alge talks about mixing the Daughtry power ballad “Crawling Back To You”.

“I had to do things I don’t normally do,” Lord-Alge describes, “Push things over the edge and then kick them down the hill…which means when you think you’ve gone far enough, you haven’t gone far enough at all. And then make it more about the vocal.”

In the segment below, hear how CLA dealt with the pressure to raise the bar on this project and help evolve the Daughtry sound from his previous albums.

Then get some advice on how to break through as a mixer, hear about the making of his namesake plug-ins, and find out what’s up next for CLA. Also, learn who makes the cut in CLA’s dream band/super group, and what is his desert island studio tool!

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