Icons: Mick Guzauski on Engineering and Mixing Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”

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Daft Punk pushed me to things I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Their direction was great, and it pulled me away from preconceived ideas of mixing, by combining newer concepts with older techniques. It was a good experience for me – I came out of this a much better engineer than when I went into it.

David Weiss

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  • JF_Amadei

    Note that this album is the first studio album of the duo. The 3 previous one were all home made.

  • Big Don

    Brilliant interview, thank you !

  • Quinn Drummer

    THANKS Mick Guzauski for the mention and kind words!! It was such a pleasure to work with you and hope you do it again soon. Congrats to you!! Quinn

  • Luxxury

    great article…this man is a legend.

  • disqus_rfgkvAhgYR

    Well Done Mick! ~ Steve Fix

  • Plush

    Totally Pro, totally hott. Thank you, Mick and Daft Punk. Music SOUNDS beautiful on this production.