SonicScoop’s Top 10 Posts from 2016!

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Here it is: The annual Top 10 list of our most popular new stories from 2016. Let’s go ahead and crank it up to 11! Why not? Here goes:

#11: Writing and Recording a Huge #1: Inside Adele’s “Hello” with Producer Greg Kurstin

#10: New Software Review: Pro Tools 12

#9: DIY Essentials: The Best DIY Audio Kits for Every Level

#8: DIY Gear Review: T-12 Microphone Kit from

#7: The Best Affordable Acoustic Guitars for the Recording Studio

#6: Shortcut Bible: How to Use the 50 Most Essential Pro Tools Key Commands

#5: The 5 Best Classic Electric Guitars That Every Recording Studio Should Have

#4: 13 Common Vocal Mixing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

#3: Industry Intel: 2016 Audio Engineer Salaries & Jobs (By Industry and Region)

#2: Midtown Meltdown: MSR Studios is Shutting Down

#1: DIY Studio Design: How To Build Cost-Effective Acoustic Panels

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