Episode 2 of the Gear Club Podcast out with Mastering Legend Greg Calbi

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img_5343qbaconEpisode 2 of Gear Club with John Agnello and Stewart Lerman is out now, this time featuring mastering legend Greg Calbi.

Calbi, a mastering engineer with more than 7,500 albums to his name talks to Johnny and Stewie about career highlights including Tom Petty’s Damn The Torpedoes, Paul Simon’s Graceland, and Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks. and Queen’s mighty “Ogre Battle”.

The Trio also talks about Calbi’s introduction to mastering, and some of his favorite gear over the years.

Gear Club is hosted by two great producer/engineers we’ve featured in the past: John Agnello [Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile, Aerosmith] and Stewart Lerman [Sharon Van Etten, Shawn Colvin, Bob Dylan, Boardwalk Empire] and is being supported by Eventide.

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