Recording Guitar Without the Amp Part 2: Reamping & Classic Direct Recording

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Thanks to B&H, SonicScoop editor Justin Colletti has a new 3-part series out this month, and it’s all about recording guitars without the amp.

In part 2 of this series, Justin gives a primer on direct recording techniques, re-amping, and hardware amp simulation. Then, Vlad Holiday of the band Born Cages demonstrates some of the exciting and brash tones you can get with classic direct guitar approaches.

Also check out part 1 on amp sim software and stay tuned for part 3 on alternatives to conventional amps for practice and recording.

  • Ray Tubes

    Vlad, thank you for the tones and great playing!
    Might I inquire as to what old tube and transformer creation you have on top of the Fender cabinet in the background is?
    It looks very tasty!