New Gear Alert: Genelec’s 1032C Monitor, iZotope’s Neutron Elements, Softube Goes Tape & More

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Genelec announces availability of the 1032C two-way nearfield monitor.

Expanding on the legendary 1032 two-way nearfield monitor, Genelec introduces the 1032C, featuring Smart Active Monitoring™ technology.

The Genelec 1032 is one of the world’s most popular two-way nearfield monitors. The 1032C takes its predecessor’s design a step further by introducing the cutting-edge features and flexibility of Smart Active Monitoring™. Offering the wide dynamic range, pristine imaging and on/off axis response for which the Genelec 1000 Series is known, the 1032C adds the world’s most advanced monitor auto-calibration and networking software, plus significant across-the-board improvements including a digital input, higher SPL and increased low frequency extension.

Using the GLM app, 1032C owners can quickly and easily optimize the performance of their setup for even the most difficult acoustic environments, compensating for factors such as placement and time of flight anomalies to facilitate the best possible listening experience within their room. As a latest-generation Smart Active Monitoring device, the 1032C also includes Video Delay Compensation, level calibration and input sensing for automatic power saving and wake up, known as Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS™).

Pricing for the 1032C does not seem to be disclosed as of yet.


iZotope releases Neutron Elements.

iZotope’s ‘Neutron Elements’ is a more budget-friendly, simpler alternative to their popular ‘Neutron,’ offering many of the same key features.

Last year, iZotope released the critically acclaimed mixing plugin Neutron, providing producers and mixers unparalleled control over their audio processing.

Now, the Boston-based developers have released Neutron Elements—a feature-rich, simple, cheaper alternative for producers, mixers and podcasters on a budget. Incorporating some of the key features from Neutron, this is a plugin that will help users to achieve better sounding mixes with ease and speed.

The key features of Neutron Elements include: Track Assistant, Track Identification, EQ Learn, four powerful single band processors (EQ, Compressor, Transient Shaper, and Exciter), and over 200 presets to help achieve quick and effective results.

Until June 30th 2017, Neutron Elements is available here for £77.95 (normally £99.95).


Softube releases Tape plugin.

Softube’s ‘Tape’ plugin provides three different flavors of tape emulation in one easy-to-use plugin, ranging from pristine clarity to creamy, palpable vintage vibe.

Tape is a sonically versatile, yet easy-to-use tape emulation plugin that models three types of reel-to-reel tape machines with distinctly different sound characteristics, and offers several unique features without taxing CPUs or breaking the bank.

Tape effectively displays three distinctly different tape machine characteristics in one plugin: ‘Type A’ is based on a classic Swiss high-end reel-to-reel design, generally known and admired for its precision and linearity; ‘Type B’ is a much more colourful affair—a transformer-based machine that adds weight and creaminess to the low end; and ‘Type C’ is based on a British tape machine with a visible vintage vibe.

Users can control tape speed (which includes speeds that do not actually exist in the real world), as well as speed stability, channel crosstalk amount, balance the dry/wet signal, and access other unique features, such as the mastering-grade ‘High freq trim’ filter, which adds a smooth treble boost—and ‘Run stop’ sound effects.

Tape is available as a standard plugin that will run on any DAW that hosts AAX, AU, or VST formats, and can be purchased now at an introductory price of $79. After June 30th 2017, Tape will be available for $99.


Drumforge has released their first drum sampler: Drumforge Ultimate Sampler.

Ultimate Sampler by Drumforge offers a 60+ instrument library with 50+ fully mixed drum kit presets, a comprehensive mixer and the ability to expand over time with an updatable user-generated preset library.

Ultimate Sampler is highly optimized for speed, ease of use, features a 60+ instrument library, and contains a comprehensive mixer with built-in premium DSP modules. It includes over 50 fully mixed drum kit presets made by some of the world’s top producers and mixing engineers. The sampler is also one of the first to be built on community, meaning that Drumforge will be treating this as a living and growing platform by taking the most popular user-generated requests and providing free updates in the future.

Ultimate Sampler is compatible with AAX, AU, and VST3 formats to support the Drumforge 1 Ultimate sample library, and is available today for $279. Additionally, anyone who purchased Drumforge 1 Essentials or Lite is eligible for a crossgrade by contacting support at


McDSP announces that subscriptions are now available through Gobbler.

McDSP is offering 50% off their subscription plan through Gobbler; every v6 plugin available currently and in the future can be obtained for just $14.99/month.

McDSP is proud to announce its All Access HD and Native subscriptions are now available directly through Gobbler. The All Access subscription includes all current and future McDSP plugins and upgrades.

Gobbler is a leading subscription marketplace for top pro audio plugins as well as a free cloud-based backup solution designed by and for music makers. The McDSP All Access subscription contains every v6 plugin McDSP has made and will make in the future.

Customers can now subscribe through Gobbler for as low as $14.99 per month; the 50% off subscription plan ends August 31st 2017.

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