The Blackbird Academy Extends Carl Tatz Lecture Series

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Students at The Blackbird Academy in Nashville are going on a different kind of field trip.

That’s because the audio education facility is continuing its Carl Tatz lecture series on studio monitoring. Led by instructor and Co-Director of Education, Professor Mark Rubel, students are taught the proprietary monitor positioning techniques that are used in Tatz’s TEC Award-winning PhantomFocus MixRoom designs.

(L-R) in center studio designer Carl Tatz and Professor Mark Rubel, pictured with class members at The Blackbird Academy Lab.

Each lecture is preceded by a class visit to one of Tatz’s PhantomFocus MixRooms, where students are able to experience a PhantomFocus System (PFS). The lecture is usually scheduled for the following day.

Carl Tatz is the founder of Carl Tatz Design (CTD), a prolific studio design firm offering design and consulting services to homeowners and entertainment industry professionals in areas of: Recording Studios, Monitor Systems, Home Screening Rooms, Dedicated Listening Rooms, Acoustic Analysis, Tuning, and Sound Isolation.

In addition, Tatz is the inventor of the proprietary PhantomFocus System (PFS) monitor tuning protocol.

For more information, visit The Blackbird Academy.



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