Must-Reads: The Top SonicScoop Posts of 2017!

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2017 has been another big year for SonicScoop. Thank you for being part of it! During the year, our site averaged close to 200,000 page views a month by up to 90,000 unique monthly readers.

But that’s not all: Our expanded content network, including sites like The Pro Audio Files and The Deli Magazine, is now serving nearly three-quarters-of-a-million page views each year. And it’s all thanks to readers like you, as well as the countless working audio pros who write for us every week.

As we go into 2018, we’re looking forward to increasing both the quality and quantity of our content for you from here. In the meantime, take a look at this list of some of our most popular new posts of the year, and see if there are any you missed.

Here’s hoping your 2018 is filled with productive sessions, great relationships and amazing music!

1. The Great Mix Bus Compressor Plugin Shootout: Which One is Best for Your Stereo Bus?

2. 7 Acoustics Myths That Are Quietly Sabotaging Your Mixes

3. 9 Production Glitches in Popular Recordings

4. Beyond Stock Sounds: 10 Essential Plugins You NEED to Add to Your DAW

5. The #1 Speaker Placement Tip That Speaker Manuals Get Completely Wrong

6. Next-Gen Reference Tracks: 12 Top Engineers Share Their Essential Reference Mixes

7. DIY Acoustics: Building Your Own Tube Traps

8. 4 “Magic” Plugins That Might Just Fix Your Mix After All

9. 10 “Must Have” Plugins for Mixing Drums

10. 6 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Interning at a Recording Studio

And here are the runners-up:

11. In Defense of Live Sound Engineers

12. The Best Audio Plugin Subscriptions for Mixers? The Good, the Bad, and the Monthly

13. You Could Be Much Better at EQ’ing. Don’t Be Left in the Dust. (Or: The “LDFC” Method to Mastering Your EQ.)

14. The Second Engineer’s Checklist: How To Be An Indispensable Assistant On Recording Sessions

15. 3 Techniques: Universal Audio API 2500 Bus Compressor with Mixer Jeff Balding

16. 6 of the Best Saturation Plugins on the Market

17. Plugins Aren’t Perfect Yet: 5 Top Engineers Share Their Wishlist for Plugin Improvements

18. 3 Techniques: Soundtoys Decapitator – with Mixer Qmillion

19. Why You Should Hire a Professional Producer or Engineer (…And 8 Bad Reasons to Do It All Yourself)

20. Industry Intel: 2017 Audio Engineer Salaries & Jobs (By Industry and Region)

Also popular as always were our regular breaking news alerts. Here are 3 of the most widely-shared breaking news items of the year:

1. RIP: Jason Corsaro – Mixer, Engineer, Innovator and Inspiration

2. Avatar Studios Closes

3. SSL Sold to New Owners Audiotonix

But its not just article content that has been popular. Check out some of our biggest recent videos on the SonicScoop YouTube channel:











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