New Gear Review: UA SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor Collection

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Additionally, I would love to see an unlink option, allowing for dual-mono operation. I often find that to be more rhythmically interesting, and don’t feel the addition of this feature would harm the intent of this emulation.

Summing it Up

There are tons of compressors out there that offer an endless array of features and controls. The UA SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor isn’t designed to be a new do-it-all compressor. Universal Audio has a goal here of accurately emulating a very unique piece of gear, and for those looking for THAT (pun intended) sound specifically, I’m happy to report it is a rousing success. The Universal Audio SSL G Bus Compressor Collection is available today for $299.

Rich Crescenti is a freelance engineer, producer, teacher, and drummer who works out of several studios in NYC, helping bands make unique recordings. Contact him at

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